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If you are looking for a source for flavorful, farm fresh food with deep Maine roots you have come to the right spot.

For over 100 years our family has milked Jersey and Guernsey cows. Our dairy herd and the fresh, rich milk they produce are our pride and joy.

Over the years we have diversified and now offer a variety of meats and cheeses and we are over the moon excited to share them with you.

We mean it when we say share, swing by any of our farmers market stands and you will taste what we mean (we ALWAYS have free samples).

Stay tuned to hear more about our NEW Farm Store and what we plan to offer. Even better, join our email list and we’ll keep you informed.

farm store

165 Birches Road
Waldo, Maine 04915

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am to 4:00pm

Call ahead for special requests!

Farmers Markets

Belfast Farmers’ Market – Fridays 9:00am to 1:00pm
United Farmers Market of Belfast - Sat. 9:00am to 2:00pm Year Round
Boothbay Farmers’ Market – Thurs. 9:00am to 12:00pm
Camden Farmers’ Market – Sat. 9:00am to 12:00pm

Bath Farmers Market - Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm




Our Products



Cream Cheese

We specialize in Fresh Cream Cheese. What’s so special about Fresh Cream Cheese? The bright fresh flavor and velvety texture make it undeniably different from any other Cream Cheese!

Available in: 

  • Original

  • Chive and Garlic

  • Sriracha Jalapeno

  • Cranberry Pecan

  • Dill

  • Veggie

  • Everything

Queso Tencho

Meet your new favorite melting cheese. If you want to make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, Tencho is your cheese. This cheese is mild and buttery with a cheeky little flavor that is pleasing to many pallets.

Triple Creme Brie

These ooey-gooey, buttery rounds of sheer splendor will surely impress your guests (if it lasts that long, might want to buy two!). Triple creme you ask? That’s right, it’s like normal brie, but with MORE cream and there is nothing normal about its knock your socks off flavor!  


Rose Veal

Springdale Farm Veal is considered “Red” or “Rose” because of its deep pink color. This color is developed through feeding the calves a diet of rich Jersey milk and hay harvested on our farm. Calves are hand-raised for 5 to 6 months or about 350 lbs. They get lots of individual attention, a comfy bedded pack in the winter and pasture in the summer. The result is lean, tender and full of flavor. Rose Veal is flavorful yet still much milder than beef. It is also very tender but has more texture than commercial veal.

Jersey Beef

Jerseys produce superb beef that is rich and flavorful. Expect the fat to be a yellow color, much like the rich yellow hue of Jersey milk. Springdale Farm beef is raised on grass, silage and a little grain.

Milk Fed Pork

Pork is available



The Whitcomb Family

[Beef. Pork. Milk. Cheeses. ]

The Whitcomb's raise Jersey and Guernsey dairy cows in Waldo, Maine and also markets a variety of meats and cheeses, available at the farm and at local farmers markets.

In 2015 after years of dreaming, Springdale Farm Creamery was born. We process our luscious Jersey and Guernsey milk into a variety of cheeses and specialize in Fresh Cream Cheese.


Colby and Lois Whitcomb purchased their farm in 1951 and through the years have built a heritage of productive vibrant cows and high quality milk. In the early years of the farm Lois and Colby grew a market garden, had an egg delivery route and sold sides of beef and lamb alongside sales of their milk. The grandkids, Carrie and Holly Whitcomb have returned to the farm and are taking it back to its roots by direct marketing products to the community much like their grandparents.


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