Hi, I’m Carrie. Thanks for stopping by .

Hi, I’m Carrie. Thanks for stopping by.


You have always had an eye for quality and flavor.

Somewhere along the way you made the switch to farm-fresh meats and cheeses.

That rich, intense flavor almost caught you off guard.

You’re thinking, “What had I been eating before?” And more importantly, “Where do I go to find food that tastes that good?!”

Well, it’s the same for us. Eating out, we nearly never order a burger- it just won’t taste the same. That rich, deep flavor changes your taste buds forever.

And friend, we are here to share food like this with you.

Our family has been farming in Maine for over 100 years.

We had always produced quality, fresh foods, but in recent decades the farm shifted to selling milk and meat solely on the commodity market.

We kept our freezers and fridge full of our meat and milk, but got away from selling directly to the community as my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents in years past.

When my sister and I moved back home in 2011 we made a decision to bring the farm back to its roots by offering farm fresh food to the community.

We started at local farmers markets selling meats.

Then, in 2015 I finally accomplished my dream of starting a farmstead creamery.

I welcome you to take a trip down the Birches Road this summer.

You will see the heart of our farm: pretty brown cows dotting the green hillsides.

Preserving their heritage and the land my family farms means everything to us.

I hope you can sense the passion that radiates out of everything we do.

Swing by our Farm Store, gaze across the field at the cows and break into a wheel of our Triple Cream Brie.

I hope your face lights up like mine did when after years of dreaming, trying, failing and trying again I reached that perfect creamy texture and milky, salty flavor.

I am excited to share it with you along with everything else we do here to bring you quality farm fresh foods.

I hope to see you soon,



Take a trip down the Birches Road!

Our Farm Store Hours:

Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm

165 Birches Road

Waldo, ME

Swing by the Farmers Market and say Hi!


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