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Cream Cheese

Whole Jersey milk cream cheese, Springdale Creamery's specialty. Available in a variety of flavors, including: Original, Chive & Garlic, Veggie, Dill, Everything, Cranberry Pecan, Sriracha Jalapeño 

Available in: 

  • 4 oz and 8 oz retail tubs/6 per case

  • 2 lb & 5 lb bulk tubs/2 per case

  • 5 lb vacuum sealed bags

Queso Tencho

Fresh, mild table cheese great for melting, snacking, etc. 6 to 7 lb wheels, half wheels or individual vacuum sealed and labeled for retail.

Creme de Lux

Our signature buttery, velvety Tripe Creme. Available in 4 to 7 oz rounds sold by the piece, wrapped/labeled or by the case, loose and unwrapped. 


Rose Veal

Springdale Farm Veal is considered “Red” or “Rose” because of its deep pink color. This color is developed through feeding the calves a diet of rich Jersey milk and hay harvested on our farm. Calves are hand-raised for 5 to 6 months or about 350 lbs. They get lots of individual attention, a comfy bedded pack in the winter and pasture in the summer. The result is lean, tender and full of flavor. Rose Veal is flavorful yet still much milder than beef. It is also very tender but has more texture than commercial veal.

Jersey Beef

Jerseys produce superb beef. Since Jerseys are a dairy breed they produce meat that is naturally lean, but also rich and flavorful. Expect the fat to be a yellow color, much like the rich yellow hue of Jersey milk. Springdale Farm beef is raised on grass, silage and a little grain.

Milk Fed Pork

Pork: Ground, sausage, limited cuts, mostly available for our CSA