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Learn about our Meat CSA

You love enjoying farm fresh meats, but honestly? It can be hard to make it to the farmers market or Farm Store every week. We hear you. Life is busy.

Imagine if you had enough meat to last you all month long.

You could just pull it out of your freezer when guests were coming over and knock their socks off with the tastiest meal they’d had in ages.

Check out our monthly meat CSA options. Pay up front. Pick up at your closest farmers market on the first Saturday of the month (don’t worry, we send an email reminder). Get a variety of meats to last you the whole month.

Need more to persuade you?

You get a bulk price on your meat without needing a bulk freezer. You get first dibs on cuts, that’s right, we saved those pork chops just for you. And you get variety every month, not just a freezer full of JUST beef or JUST pork.

Click here for a pdf with more details and pick-up locations.

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Our next Meat CSA starts the first week in June, 2019 - Sign up not to reserve your share!

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Family Value CSA Share
from 336.00

This share includes all of your family dinner basics.  Ground beef, shaved steak, stew meat, stir fry strips, bacon, pork sausage, pork chops, beef roasts, pork roasts, London broil and more staples to round out your family’s dinner menu. Every share will include ground beef plus a variety of other pork and beef.

We will contact you directly to arrange your pick up site.

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Meat CSA Springdale Essentials Share (1).jpg
Springdale Essentials Full CSA Share
from 444.00

Our full share includes Ground Beef and  a variety of our beef, rose veal and pork cuts, steaks, chops, bacon, sausages and more.    This share is different from the Family Basics share because it includes steaks and cuts of rose veal.

 We will contact you directly to arrange your pick up site.

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