The Whitcomb Family

[Beef. Pork. Milk. Cheeses. ]

The Whitcomb's raise Jersey and Guernsey dairy cows in Waldo, Maine and also markets a variety of meats and cheeses, available at the farm and at local farmers markets.

In 2015 after years of dreaming, Springdale Farm Creamery was born. We process our luscious Jersey and Guernsey milk into a variety of cheeses and specialize in Fresh Cream Cheese.


Colby and Lois Whitcomb purchased their farm in 1951 and through the years have built a heritage of productive vibrant cows and high quality milk. In the early years of the farm Lois and Colby grew a market garden, had an egg delivery route and sold sides of beef and lamb alongside sales of their milk. The grandkids, Carrie and Holly Whitcomb have returned to the farm and are taking it back to its roots by direct marketing products to the community much like their grandparents.